Custom Flash app in Facebook HTTPS

Okay so you’ve made a nice a little Flash app (i.e cool game or media player etc) but its not showing up in Facebook when you post a link to the html as a status update? Well okay it does but NOT when the Facebooker has “Secure Browsing” option enabled in their Facebook settings? Worry not for here is the solution:

The short answer is you need your SWF to be hosted on HTTPS server/location… If your current host allows you to create your own HTTPS location (for example by marking a folder option as HTTPS or creating a custom SSL (security) certificate in there to make a “secure” location) then fine go ahead and do that. Upload your files and you’re set to go. The alternative is to find an HTTPS files hoster (eg Amazon’s S3 Hosting). Note: Don’t just add an “s” at the end of “http”. This has to be a genuine “https” location.

Anyways the final meta tags in your html should look something like this example below, giving an HTTPS (not HTTP) location for thumbnail image & SWF file:
“..< link rel="image_src" href=""/&gt;

< link rel="video_src" href=""/>&quot;

Check this excellent guide on how to get your own Flash on Facebook walls. The comments are helpful in dealing with the HTTPS issue and I even got a couple of big-ups for my advice: – Custom Flash Video Player on Facebook
“Rootsical” also replied and took it a step further, maybe this solution could be what you need:
Rootsical’s Video Player Explanation


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  1. Thanks for the link 🙂

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