How To Seek Video with appendBytes (AS3)

Is this a world exclusive!!? I cannot find a solution anywhere on the internet when it comes to seeking through bytes of a video using the ActionScript 3.0 programming language. So inspired by this Question on StackOverflow, I give to you…

A demo from the VC:One labs showing how to handle seeking within a video’s bytes when using appendBytes in ActionScript 3.0. Also using URLStream to handle progressive loading and even manages to step frame by frame through the video (without a special server, just this code).

Test with an FLV file that has MPEG (H.264) video and MP3 or AAC audio.
Other codecs (VP6 or Sorenson etc will be supported later)

some test clips:
1) Star Wars 7 trailer (FLV with H264/MP3 at 720p) – 33 MB
2) Mets Baseball video sting (FLV with H264/AAC at 480p) – 9.6 MB
3) BBC Teaser Clip “Deep Oceans” (FLV with H264/MP3 at 480p) – 14 MB

Also if demo does not work. Save and test the SWF from your desktop (not online).

The source code below makes the above shown demo.
Code link : GitHub (code share).

Inspired by: (AS3) NetStream Seek Issue on StackOverflow