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VC:One is a freelance multimedia design service by Valerio Charles. I provide visual designs ranging from static to animated. I do not have a “visual style”. All I care about is the Idea. I try to find an “X factor” that makes it a good idea and from there how it’s presented is down to my skills & talents, which I exercise on a daily basis.

I began my interest in computer graphics as a kid back in the mid to late 90’s. I wanted to eventually work in visual effects animation but ofcourse back then all the cool stuff was being done in Hollywood. For me being in the U.K, I guessed being a graphic artist in a computer games company would allow me to fulfill the VFX dream. So this led to an interest in 2D graphics & effects programming as well as 3D graphics. After I graduated the internet had kicked off, Flash existed and so I found myself in the multimedia area where I could be involved in anything from static visuals to animated effects.. as a bonus, it could all be interactive.

Anyways long story.. VC:One is my attempt to muster this maelstrom of knowledge & skills into something tangible that I can share with the world.

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