How To Seek Video with appendBytes (AS3)

Is this a world exclusive!!? I cannot find a solution anywhere on the internet when it comes to seeking through bytes of a video using the ActionScript 3.0 programming language. So inspired by this Question on StackOverflow, I give to you…

A demo from the VC:One labs showing how to handle seeking within a video’s bytes when using appendBytes in ActionScript 3.0. Also using URLStream to handle progressive loading and even manages to step frame by frame through the video (without a special server, just this code).

Test with an FLV file that has MPEG (H.264) video and MP3 or AAC audio.
Other codecs (VP6 or Sorenson etc will be supported later)

some test clips:
1) Star Wars 7 trailer (FLV with H264/MP3 at 720p) – 33 MB
2) Mets Baseball video sting (FLV with H264/AAC at 480p) – 9.6 MB
3) BBC Teaser Clip “Deep Oceans” (FLV with H264/MP3 at 480p) – 14 MB

Also if demo does not work. Save and test the SWF from your desktop (not online).

The source code below makes the above shown demo.
Code link : GitHub (code share).

Inspired by: (AS3) NetStream Seek Issue on StackOverflow

Art: Rough Sketches #01

As a graphics designer, sometimes an idea pops into your head for a visual element or style. Sketch it quick…!! Here are samples of my rough/sketches of stylised imagery.

01: Face sketch / Hair effects (drawn by ink pen with colour effects in PhotoShop)

(Pen Ink & PhotoShop – 2015)

02: Face sketch / Particle effects (drawn by ink pen with colour effects in PhotoShop)

(Pen Ink & PhotoShop – 2015)

03: Face sketch / Colour effects (drawn and airbrushed in PhotoShop)

(PhotoShop Airbrush/Smudge (with alternative colour tests) – 2015)

04: 3D Sphere Effects (rendered in 3D Studio MAX with colour effects in PhotoShop)

(3D Studio MAX & PhotoShop – 2015)

05: De-constructed Face Modelling (rendered in 3D Studio MAX)

(3D Studio MAX – 2015)


Start Press…!!

Decided to finally hit the “Publish” button on these long-time forgotten article drafts.

Dont be surprised if previous articles from the past just appear randomly… The perfectionist in me still needs to “okay” them so unfortunately they will slowly filter out when de-classified (roll eyes). At least the process is happening. Enjoy reading on your future visits. Peace. I’m outta here…

Retro: My Old 3D Art (1990s to late 2000s)

A rescued selection of images ranging from the late 1990’s to late 2000’s showing my history with 3D. I began with PovRay (1st image) and moved onto 3D Studio Max (all other images). No originals 3.5 diskettes so I photographed some old print-outs (have I really kept them that long??). Click the last image to watch a related Youtube video link. Thanks.

You can see above image in motion on this Youtube video

Custom Flash app in Facebook HTTPS

Okay so you’ve made a nice a little Flash app (i.e cool game or media player etc) but its not showing up in Facebook when you post a link to the html as a status update? Well okay it does but NOT when the Facebooker has “Secure Browsing” option enabled in their Facebook settings? Worry not for here is the solution:

The short answer is you need your SWF to be hosted on HTTPS server/location… If your current host allows you to create your own HTTPS location (for example by marking a folder option as HTTPS or creating a custom SSL (security) certificate in there to make a “secure” location) then fine go ahead and do that. Upload your files and you’re set to go. The alternative is to find an HTTPS files hoster (eg Amazon’s S3 Hosting). Note: Don’t just add an “s” at the end of “http”. This has to be a genuine “https” location.

Anyways the final meta tags in your html should look something like this example below, giving an HTTPS (not HTTP) location for thumbnail image & SWF file:
“..< link rel="image_src" href=""/&gt;

< link rel="video_src" href=""/>&quot;

Check this excellent guide on how to get your own Flash on Facebook walls. The comments are helpful in dealing with the HTTPS issue and I even got a couple of big-ups for my advice: – Custom Flash Video Player on Facebook
“Rootsical” also replied and took it a step further, maybe this solution could be what you need:
Rootsical’s Video Player Explanation